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We provide boutique innovation consulting focused on topline opportunity process innovation for bottom line improvements. We blend non-traditional and conventional consulting and change management methodologies to deliver business breakthroughs, market position shifts and new product/service innovation. Through our coaching we help clients design organizational structures, behaviors and cultures that create sustainable innovation.

A number of factors set us apart:

How We Like To Work  

Our services focus on the Searching, Selecting and Implementation stages of the innovation process. Our strength lies in helping you narrow down the choices so you pick the right projects for your particular circumstances, the right choices when it comes to investment, ROI, risk and topline growth. 

We don't walk away as most other consultants do once the preferred approach has been settled on. This is when our real work starts! We take on project management; change management, consulting and coaching roles throughout the implementation phase, making sure the project succeeds and you get the outcomes you were looking for.

  Visionary yet pragmatic approach - Leveraging our vast commercial experience
    and inquisitive mindset, we lead from exploration through to implementation

 Multidisciplinary methodology - We combine academic, coaching and change
    management approaches to drive breakthrough results

 Principal-led programs - Our team includes seasoned practitioners with
    proven backgrounds and experience. Our principals lead every client engagement

 Guided implementation - We help organizations select the right project based on ROI/risk
     factors and we guide you through the whole implementation process

 Practical and exciting - To succeed innovations need to be practical and exciting. We make
    sure you make the right choice for your current situation


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Structuring your business to encourage innovation provides solidifies your growth into the future.

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